Sacraments - Reconciliation


Reconciliation is what God is about because God is Love. When we go to the priest for this Sacrament, we do two things: we confess our sins (yes we have missed the mark, we have failed to live our life well as a disciple of Christ) .Secondly , we confess that in spite of this, we believe that God loves us. God loves us not because we are good, but rather that we can become good. We want to becpme worthy of the love that touches our lives through God and others. Love saves us from our sins. There is no other sin than to fail to love. My question to examine myself is only one; "Is this the loving thing to do?" As St. Augustine said; "Love and do what you will!"

The Sacrament of reconcilation is available before week-day masses; before Sunday mass at Sacred Heart. The priests are very pleased to make themselves available at other times convenient to you. Just ask.


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