Outreach Committee


The outreach committee is working to develop our parish capacity to extend care and support beyond the borders of our parishes. We aim to contribute to a safe and welcoming neighbourhood that opposes stigma, discrimination and systemic causes of exclusion. We are committed to peace, social justice and basic human dignity for all.

The Downtown Eastside Parishes’ Outreach Committee works to inform and educate our members and to encourage participation in service devoted to the common good. Parishioners of Kateri Tekakwitha Native Catholic Centre, St Paul's and Sacred Heart parishes and interested residents of the Downtown Eastside are welcome on this committee.

Fr. Ken speaks about community prayer leading to service of one another and work for justice. Go to this link

Authentic Worship: https://vimeo.com/58566972

Fr. Ken speaks about a new understanding of the human person in the Creation story that emphasizes his/her connectedness to all creatures and the earth itself, rather than a dominant position of master. Creation Care: https://vimeo.com/58566971

The Downtown Eastside Roman Catholic Parishes are member institutions of the Metro Vancouver Alliance, with the support of the Archdiocese of Vancouver. The MVA is a newly forming broad based alliance of faith groups, unions, educational institutions and other civic organizations. This alliance works together to surface issues of common concern and uses the combined power of their members to bring about positive changes to systemic injustices.

Go to this link to hear Fr. Ken speak of Metro Vancouver Alliance and our Faith http://vimeo.com/58483751

The MVA offers methods, tools and supports to help strengthen their member institutions. Currently our DTES parishes are benefiting from MVA workshops and we are implementing new relational methods to build community within the parishes.


Link to MVA/Imagine Project video:        https://vimeo.com/61572213


The Outreach Committee meets once a month and the chairperson represents this committee at the Parish Council.